There are a number of off-lead dog parks in the City of Moreland. In dog off-leash parks you must still keep your dog under control. In all other public places, dogs must be kept in control with a leash, cord or chain. Dogs are prohibited from the area around playgrounds or within creeks.


Brunswick East

  • Abrahams Reserve, 50-72 Harrison Street, Brunswick East
  • Balfe Park, 54-64 John Street, Brunswick East
  • Fleming Park, 47-51 Albert Street, Brunswick East
  • Jones Park, 9-23 Albion Street, Brunswick East
  • Kirkdale Park, 31 Kirkdale Street, Brunswick East
  • Methven Park, 7 Methven Street, Brunswick East
  • Phillips Reserve, 2-10 Weigall Street, Brunswick East
  • Roberts Reserve, 50-72 Harrison Street, Brunswick East
  • Sumner Park, 3 Alister Street, Brunswick East

Brunswick West

  • Braddy Reserve, 229 Hope Street, Brunswick West
  • Dunstan Reserve, 24 Peacock Street, Brunswick West
  • Fraser Reserve, 16-24 Hopetoun Avenue, Brunswick West
  • Holbrook Reserve, 8 Jewell Crescent, Brunswick West
  • Sheils Reserve, 306 Hope Street, Brunswick West
  • Wylie Reserve, 256-264 Union Street, Brunswick West


  • Anderson Reserve, 44-46 Linda Street, Coburg
  • Bowden Reserve, 182A Nicholson Street, Coburg
  • Bridges Reserve (excluding City Oval), Bell Street, Coburg
  • Campbell Reserve, 11-49 Moreland Road, Coburg
  • DeChene Reserve, 193 Urquhart Street, Coburg
  • Egan Reserve, 145 Rennie Street, Coburg
  • McDonald Reserve, 66 Bell Street, Coburg

Coburg North

  • Cash Reserve, Livingstone Street, Coburg North
  • Hosken Reserve, 39A Shorts Road, Coburg North
  • Jackson Reserve, 1 Outlook Road (near Edgars Creek), Coburg North
  • Parker Reserve, Mathieson Street, Coburg North
  • Richards Reserve, 30-34 Charles Street, Coburg North




Oak Park

  • John Pascoe Fawkner Park, 1A Francis Street, Oak Park
  • Rayner Reserve, 46A Devon Road, Oak Park

Pascoe Vale

  • Austin Crescent Reserve, 22 Austin Crescent, Pascoe Vale
  • Cole Reserve, 177B Cumberland Road, Pascoe Vale
  • Esslemont Reserve, 1 Somerset Street, Pascoe Vale
  • Hallam Reserve, 144 Landells Road, Pascoe Vale
  • K W Joyce Reserve, 31-37 Cornwall Road, Pascoe Vale
  • Raeburn Reserve, 8-42 Landells Road, Pascoe Vale

Pascoe Vale South


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