Christmas Break-up

Christmas Break-up

Our Christmas breakup will be held on 8th December 2018 – this year we have a number of activities planned. Enter on the day and bring your best Santa “Ho Ho Ho”.

  • First Across the Present Line: Dogs do a sit-stay on the Arctic Circle line and on the command “Christmas” they race (with appropriate encouragement like sleigh bell ringing and reindeer noises) to be the first across the Present Line. If your dog just can’t wait to open the presents, you can use a friendly elf to hold your dog on the Arctic Circle line until the midnight hour arrives.
  • Musical Sits: Just like musical chairs, your dog has to sit when the music stops. The last dog to sit is eliminated (in a nice way) until we have a sitting winner.
  • Best Dog Trick: If your dog can do a trick, we look forward to seeing it!
  • Don’t Spill the Mulled Wine: Hander holds the dog lead in right hand together with a glass (filled to the brim) of mulled wine (we’ll really use water – it would be a pity to waste the mulled wine) and then negotiates a course of dog sits, about turns, right and left turns. Spill the least to win.

Christmas treats as encouragement are allowed. 

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