About the Brunswick Dog Training Club

The Brunswick Dog Training Club was established in 1985 to provide a group that could foster responsible dog ownership within the community and help people train their dogs. It is run by volunteers who freely give their time and knowledge to encourage proper training and socialisation of dogs. The Club is the only volunteer dog training club in the City of Moreland.

We meet generally every second Sunday at Wylie Reserve, 264 Union Street, West Brunswick. Please check our training dates calendar as we try to avoid weekends that are associated with a public holiday and we also have a break over Christmas. At Wylie Reserve there is a council pavilion that we use as clubrooms and to store equipment. The reserve is about the size of a soccer pitch so there is plenty of room to run classes.

We run classes from beginners to class 4 (off-lead control). The classes last for around one hour. Occasionally we will set up the agility equipment (jumps, a tunnel and a weaving course) as requested by members.  

Our Training Philosophy

We use traditional proven methods of dog training. We encourage the proper use of a correction collar when you start training, but this is not compulsory.
We don't encourage the use of treats to train your dog (as in clicker training) as this sets up expectations that are hard to discourage.
We certainly believe in positive reinforcement to teach your dog what is right and what is wrong.
We won't ask you to yell at your dog. We will ask you to spend around 15 minutes each day in training your dog.
Great emphasis is placed on showing dogs what to do and immediate vocal praise given upon every favourable response. Training is based on the proven principal of mutual affection and respect.

Michael Tucker

Our Trainers

All our volunteer trainers are taught by Melbourne based and internationally recognised dog trainer, Michael Tucker.
Michael Tucker has been a dog trainer for over 60 years. His career started as a hobby. It led to training police dogs in the Royal Air Force, then 20 years training guide dogs for the blind in the U.K. and Australia,

He has had his own dog training school since early 1975, now situated in very pleasant surroundings in Eltham. Author of 6 dog training books; he continues to write many articles. He has trained more than 18,000 dogs and owners.


  1. New members report to clubroom at 9.15 to enrol
  2. Be on time for classes
  3. All dogs must have the C5 vaccination before attending clubroom or grounds
  4. Present vaccination certificate/card at each member renewal
  5. Vaccination certificate/card must show the next vaccination due date
  6. All dogs must be on lead on grounds & clubroom at all times
  7. We recommend a correction collar & lead 1.5 long or more
  8. Listen to your instructor
  9. Be patient with your dog
  10. Wear comfortable shoes (No Thongs allowed)
  11. Names tags must be worn in classes at all time whilst training your dog
  12. Let the instructor know if your dog bites or has bitten.
  13. No mobile phones whilst in classes
  14. No interruptions of class
  15. Bitches in season are not allowed to be or near the training grounds during training
  16. No smoking on training grounds during training
  17. You must pick up after your dogs defecates on ground or clubroom immediately (bin is provide on grounds)
  18. Training will be cancelled on the day if weather is too hot or due to heavy rain
  19. Children welcome and must be supervised at all times and are not allowed on grounds whilst dogs are in training
  20. Children over 12 are allowed to train their dogs only if supervised by a parent or guardian at all times
  21. Do not be cruel to your dog in any manner
  22. Strictly no photography! Unless approved by the instructor and other club members


The Club’s Annual General Meeting is held in August each year. The current committee executive is as follows:

President: Maria Ialongo
Vice-President: Stephen Vale
Vice-President: Carrie Costanzo
Treasurer: Malcolm Burns


The Club acknowledges the contribution of the following members:
Maria Ialongo
Justina Ong
John Santoro 
Emma Turner
Stephen Vale


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